• Two Rangers - Ghosts & Galaxies
  • Two Rangers - Wetland Wanderer
  • Two Rangers - Gunslinger Riddim

Ghosts & Galaxies EP

  • Artists
  • Catalog
  • Format
    Solid Red & Yellow mixed vinyl 12″ / Digital download
  • Genres
  • Date
    17 July 2020
  • Artwork
  • Tracks
    A1 – Ghosts & Galaxies
    B1 – Wetland Wanderers
    B2 – Gunslinger Riddim

The record “Ghosts & Galaxies” tells the tale of Two Rangers and their epic adventures in the Next Level system. Listen close and you’ll hear them travel through harsh landscapes while battling foes from this world and the next. Some legends say they were treasure hunters others say they were intergalactic outlaws. The only thing we know is that these guys are tough as nails and never look away in the face of danger.

Next Level